Panasonic AG-AF102 AVCHD Video Camera

Panasonic AG-AF102

The Panasonic AG-AF102 with Large 4/3 type image sensor
Micro Four Thirds exchangeable lens mount
Extended recording AVCHD high quality PH mode
Professional design with HD-SDI, XLR interfaces

The AG-AF102 series is a professional AVCCAM Series HD camera recorder equipped with the Micro Four Thirds optical system commonly used in digital single lens still cameras. It directly accommodates Micro Four Thirds digital single lens still camera lenses, and an adaptor can be used to mount 35 mm film camera lenses and prime lenses. This lets you capture a wealth of film-like images with distinctive lens characteristics, like a shallow depth of field and an attractive soft focus.

Designed for stable camera work, the Panasonic AG-AF102EN series is packed with functions and specifications that combine comfortable operation with superb images and extended recording times. It features HD-SDI output and mic input, remote control terminals, and versatile system interfaces that you normally find only on professional camera recorders.

The AG-AF100 series also offers PH mode recording to deliver optimal AVCHD image quality in multiple HD video formats — including 24p and 30p. The variable frame rate enables slow/ quick motion recording. Use the AG-AF100 series to produce videos with stunning image quality, such as music, promotional, TV commercial and other short productions.


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