PXWZ150 & PXWZ100 compared

Difference Between Sony PXW-Z150 and PXW-Z100 Camcorder

Sony has announced the PXWZ150 and it has arrived to our shores. Its a new compact 4K camcorder similar in size with the HXR-NX100

The first question regarding this video camera was, what’s the difference between the PXW-Z100 which has been around for a while now and the Z150 ?

Both are 4K camcorders but the newer model the Z150 is cheaper. Shouldn’t newer mean more expensive? As the Z150 does boast a larger 1″ type CMOS sensor compared to the smaller one on the Z100.

You can viw our youtube video regarding the PXW-Z100 here

Let’s have a look at the Z150


And here the Z100



As mentioned the Z150 is smaller and similar to the NX100 in size where as the PXW-Z150 would be similar to the PXW-X200 in terms of size. Or more closer to the HXR-NX5R

Well the absolute main difference is this

The Z150 is UHD 4K and not Full 4K! 

Z100 – 4096×2160 Recording

Z150- 3840 x 2160 Recording

The Z150 would offer better low light performance with the larger sensor as compared the the Z100

Another difference would be the optical Zoom

The Z150 offers only a 12x optical Zoom as compared the the standard 20x optical zoom on the Z100

Recording formats are different

XAVC (AVC/H.264 High 4:2:2 Intra Profile VBR) on the Z100

XAVC Long/MPEG-4 AVC/H.264 8-bit at 100/60 Mb/s on the Z150

You would need XQD cards to record 4K on the Z100 highest format which realisticly does not give you that much time on the cards

Here’s an example

On a 256GB XQD card, you can record about 15 mins only on 4K 50p .


To conclude, we recommend getting the PXW-Z150 if you dont mind it beigh 4K UHD and pair it with an Atomos Shogun Inferno orAtomos Shogun Flame Recorder to get the most out of your camera and maximise workflow

To order your Sony PXW-Z150 right here from the Trusted Video Equipment supplier Singapore


PXW-Z100 is still available as well



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